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I mayyyyyy have admitted to Paul that I have a giant crush on him...and by that I mean, we had been talking about how we spent our Saturday night, and mine had been spent first playing True Blood drinking games with Ted, Joe and Brendan, then drunkenly attempting to send Paul various facebook messages (mostly along the lines of "i'm drunk and you should probably ask me out soon"), and then hugging Ted's toilet.

I left out the part about the facebook messages....well, left out the fact that they were meant for him, and just mentioned that I was glad I had not figured out how to send them from mobile facebook. But then he asked what I'd been trying to send...and I planned on asking him out the next time we saw each other anyway...so I just did it, and admitted that I had been trying to let him know I wanted to date him or whatever.

It was the most incredibly awkward message I've ever written...full of ellipses and I had started with rambling, vague sentences and eventually decided to just come out and admit that I like him.

And now I am waaaaiiiiiiting for him to respond. And it's freaking me the fuuuuuck out. And I hope I did not ruin everything...

C'mooooon 2010, keep on rocking...please?